digital marketing

Digital Marketing

We want to improve the effectiveness of your online campaigns by converting you from the'pay per click' model to a 'pay per lead' model.

In this new model, you will not have any Adwords pay per click costs, nor will any advertising budget be necessary. We will do all that is required to generate traffic to your website, and convert this traffic into leads.

You only pay for leads done on your own website.

How we will help you?

Exclusive Leads : All the leads will be generated from your own website, and are exclusive to you.
No more PPC or credit card payments : You only pay for results - for leads generated on your own website.
Receive High Quality Leads : Only potential customers who are specifically looking for your products and services will be targeted online.

Key features :

  • Promoting Multiple Campaigns on Search & Social Media
  • Making Multiple Ad Creative
  • Create content that attracts high quality leads and sales
  • Displaying Various Offers & Discounts on the Products or Services
  • Targeting the Right Location & Audience Age wise, Interest wise, etc.
  • We would be taking care of Domain booking, hosting, Landing Page Designing, webmail maintenance etc at our end.
  • We would manage Creation of campaigns, Uploading, optimizing & Managing various accounts
  • The Leads Generated Would be Exclusive for you would not be shared with any other competitor
  • The leads will be Location Specific
  • All the Inquiries generated via these activities would be redirected to you, Either on an email or if required we can configure your CRM API
  • Inquiries will also be stored in our CRM from where they can be fetched for any customized time period.

Help Online

Experts are available to assist you with any aspect of your account, to help you get the most out of your Google! Search Marketing Ads